He's Motivational

Gary's simple presence as a wheelchair user, paralyzed yet with an unmistakeable passion for life, fills the room. Gary's talks are uplifting for his audiences, as he both describes and models his undeniable belief in everyone's innate potential.

But he doesn't simply offer a pep talk, not merely a superficial boost. Gary gives people lasting insight, using his own story to enlighten others. "I have so exceeded what I thought were my limits," he says. "No one thinks they can do this before it happens, and then they do. What does that tell you about yourself?"

He's Informative

Gary motivates people with great stories and makes his case with compelling information. He wants to be held to the test that what he teaches is based on fact, not sheer anecdote. As a well-informed and connected disability expert, Gary has a great deal to teach.

As a 40-plus year wheelchair user, Gary knows how it's done and how people get there. As a long term witness to the unfolding story of Modern Disability, Gary is able to clearly describe one of the most remarkable social transformations ever seen. He knows what it means for real people, and he knows what it means for business.

Not Just a Speaker

Hiring Gary to fill a keynote slot is a good move, but he has much more to offer.

Gary has studied training development and facilitation. He's just as comfortable interacting as he is being the performer who keeps the room engaged on his own.

Need someone to moderate a panel? To oversee a Q&A session? Introduce someone? Or an emcee to keep things running on time? Gary has all of those skills, all at your disposal.

He's a Professional

When you hire Gary Karp, you are getting a partner who is as committed to the success of your event as you are. Gary is happy to help out in any way he can, even join a planning teleconference if you like.

His job is to speak to your audience about what they care about, what they need to know. Gary won't just show up with a canned speech. He will adjust his program to meet your needs.

Mainly, Gary is easy to work with. He knows exactly what he will need on the day of the talk, and will let you know. There won't be any surprises!