Prepare yourselves. — to be challenged to reconsider your notions of what it means to be a “person with a disability.”

Get ready for a profoundly fresh perspective on a segment of our human family whose lives have changed in big ways in a short time.

Gary Karp has been a direct witness to this new age of what he calls “Modern Disability,” since joining the club himself almost forty-two years ago following a traumatic accident.

Now, Gary is a leading voice in telling this story of emergence and potential, and what it means in all of our lives. His work is in service of people who are facing the process of adjusting to disability, in the workplace to help employers understand and embrace the largely untapped talents of people who happen to have disabilities, and educators, who play such a central role in this story.

For his work as an author, journalist, speaker, and trainer, Gary has been inducted into the Spinal Cord Injury Hall of Fame as a disability educator.

So settle in for a unique journey — and you just might see some pretty impressive juggling along the way.

Please welcome Gary Karp.