Video Projection

Gary will bring his own laptop, so requires a projector and screen at the site.

Don’t Be Afraid: Macintosh

Gary is a Macintosh user, but is very experienced using it at presentation sites. Assure your AV staff that he will bring the necessary adaptor and knows how to manage the interface with the projector. If Gary is to speak following someone working with a Windows-based laptop, plan time to switch the computers.

Advance PowerPoint Files

Gary does not provide an advance file of his presentation for two reasons: as a Macintosh user he works with Apple’s Keynote presentation software, not Microsoft’s PowerPoint; he often makes last moment changes, always open to inspiration and refinements up to the last moments before speaking.

Computer Access

Gary must be able to see and interact with his computer during his talk. This need is easily met with a small table which will sit at one side or the other of the speaking area, as frontmost as possible so it is easily visible to him. AV people need to be notified of this in case they need to provide longer cables to accomplish it. If that is not an option, inform Gary, and he will bring a video extension cable himself.


Because Gary uses a wheelchair, it is best for him to be elevated relative to those in attendance, or for seating to be terraced for visibility. If it is necessary for everyone to be sitting on the same floor level, have a conversationwith Gary about optimal seating arrangements.


Gary requires a wireless lavalier microphone. He moves around during his talk to optimize his connection with the audience, so needs both hands free for pushing his wheelchair. And when it’s time for the juggling, he certainly has to have his hands free!

Stage Area

Gary does not work from behind a table or lectern. Provide as much space for him to use as you can, allowing him to move from side to side to interact as fully as possible with everyone who attends.

Book Signing

If Gary will be doing a back of the room book signing, he will require one standard size table. It is best to locate the table on the natural path of people exiting the room, or just outside so it is most convenient for those who want to acquire his books and have him personally sign them.

Handout Materials

Gary will provide handout materials as appropriate to your attendees and the setting. Please inform him of any deadline for inclusion in a registration packet or conference binder. If you are able to print materials for him, he will provide files in PDF format in color, one-sided. If this is not possible, he will send you physical materials.

If there is no opportunity for advance materials, he will provide materials for distribution at the event itself.


Gary asks that someone be available to help him at the event with three tasks:
1. Distribution of materials onto tables or to attendees as they arrive, if needed.
2. To feed samples of his books for the audience to briefly scan during the presentation, then retrieve them.
3. To take money / credit cards at the book table. These are simple tasks which he will train the assistant to do.

Arrival Time

Gary typically arrives an hour in advance of his talk to assure that the technology is working, do a sound check, discuss lighting, and review any other needs you have as his host. If planners and AV staff will be on hand the evening or early morning before, that might be the optimal time to perform these steps.

All of these requests are intended to allow Gary to be at his very best for your event. And the better you are able to clarify and meet these needs, the less you’ll have to worry about Gary on the usually stressful day of the actual event!